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What We Do ? 

This is where it all begins, our Friday bi-weekly runs. We kick off our season with a 4k run, and every other week we increase the distance, until we reach our final season run, which is a 17k run with a route that’s completely by the Nile river. Season runs are open for anyone without any subscription or registration, and each run is held at a different area in Cairo on Friday mornings before any heat, pollution, or traffic.

If you’re looking to engage your employees in a fun day of sports and team building activities, we’ll customize an event that will suit your organization’s needs perfectly. We can also design and manage long-term wellness programs that will help get your organization’s members in shape, and help them maintain a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

This is the big season finally. The race that we all wait for at the end of each season! Cairo Half-Marathon is considered one of the biggest sports events happening in the country each year with more than 7,000 participants. After months of running the streets of Egypt, this event celebrates the efforts and determination of our runners throughout the season. There’s a 21k Race, a 7k Race, and a 1k Family Fun Run to make sure that everyone enjoys a day full of sports, fun, and food. Don’t forget to stick around after the race, THERE’S AN AFTER PARTY!So keep warming up, and get ready for those 21Ks!

Nothing beats running for a good cause. We run for awareness and charity all the time. Examples of causes that we run to raise awareness about: breast cancer, Multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. We also run to gather donations for hospitals and charities in need.

Special Events exist to spice things up and break the Season Runs routine! Events such as relay races, amazing races, and heritage runs are always a fun way to mix exercise with, teamwork and challenge. They also give us the opportunity to explore our city from a new perspective.

Being CairoRunners doesn’t mean that we only run in Cairo, on the contrary! Each season, we have a variety of running camps all around Egypt and abroad. So far, we've ran in Ismailia, Alexandria, Dahab, Taba, St Catherine, and Luxor. We also organize trips to International Marathons abroad, like Beirut Marathon and Rome Marathon.

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