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Cairo Runners is the first street running initiative in Cairo, providing Cairenes with exhilarating mini-marathon experience every Friday morning.


It all started with a simple desire of running in the streets of Cairo. It sounded impossible at the beginning; having pollution, traffic and not a very equipped running atmosphere, Ibrahim Safwat our founder chose not to give up with all those obstacles but decided to start something beautiful. Having the dream to change Egyptian’s lifestyle to a healthier one where it would be a normal thing for people to hit the streets of Cairo and exercise which was never a familiar thought before.


Spreading the word here and there our first run took place 14th of December, 2012 has more than 60 runner showing up that day.


The series of runs took place in a different neighborhood in Cairo every Friday to ensure a safe and healthy nonpolluted environment for our runners. The average number of runners every week now reached 2,500 runners. 



​This family is diverse with organizers of different ages and athletic backgrounds. Some of us are pros, some are amateurs. But at the end of the day, we work together to make our participants running experiences better by the time! To us, its all about teamwork and collaborative effort. 

​The recipe for any success story starts with the simple ingredients of an idea, passion and a strong team willing to do it all. ​

With Cairo runners, we seemed to have that and more. The unique idea and burning passion came from our founder, who then sought out to find the team that could be the backbone of this initiative. It took a few family members from here, and a few close friends from there to build what is now the ever-strong CairoRunners family. None of what we've accomplished could be possible without a helping hand from the other. After all, without a backbone you could not stand up at all.

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