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The Man Behind the 01:59:40

History was made on 12 October 2019 at Prater park, Vienna, Austria by the Legendary Marathon Runner Eliud Kipchoge as he ran a full marathon in 1:59:40. 


The world has gone crazy over the news of the man who broke the limit and became the first to achieve the sub-two-hour marathon as part of INEOS 1:59 challenge. 


Kipchoge is an Olympic Medalist for 3 times now, an Athletic World Championship Medalist also 3 times, and

a World Marathon Majors Gold Medalist and now the first to run a full marathon under two hours! Eliud Kipchoge was supported by a whole team to make this incredible achievement HAPPEN!


The 4 Factors Led to the Incredible 1:59! 



The main game changer! Nike’s VaporFLY called AlphaFLY was designed to improve performance by 4%. These trainers introduced by Nike have a curved carbon-fibre plate embedded in their thick foamy sole, which Nike research says improve the metabolic efficiency with 4% and luckily they did!



A team of 41 pacemaker was part of the history made on Saturday, the 12th of October 2019. 

The teams were divided into 7-men teams rotating during the marathon to help maintain a consistent pace for Kipchoge. 

The 7 packmakers were designed to form a Vformation, making Kipchoge at the end and two packe makers were positioned behind him. This was all arranged to shield Eliud Kipchoge from the wind. Yes, we are talking Aerodynamics here! Athletes have always faced wind-resistance but with such formation it was reduced and that made a difference. Kipchoge maintained a pace of 2 min 50 sec per kilometer. 



Kipchoge and his team of pacemakers were guided by an electric pace car complete with futuristic lasers to keep a constant pace the whole marathon and to guide the team with their ideal positions where they should run.



Vienna was not picked randomly!

The location of Prater park, Vienna, Austria was selected via worldwide search using software to find the ideal racing parameters. These parameters include temperature, humidity, wind speed and elevation. This track was specifically chosen because of its long, flat straight sections and its protection from the wind since the weather in Vienna was suitable for running compared to other places in that time of the year.


Thousands of spectators lined the course to support Kipchoge and his team of 41 pacemakers, featuring some of the best middle and long-distance runners on the planet.


Kipchoge’s words “No Human is Limited” were proven in this historical moment! 

We in Cairo Runners believe strongly in Eliud Kipchoge’s words: “I wanted to run under two hours and show human beings can do a good job and lead a good life. It shows the positivity of sport. I want to make the sport an interesting sport whereby all human beings can run and together we can make this world a beautiful world.”


Eliud Kipchoge’s achievement sends a message to everyone not only runners, to NEVER STOP TRYING. This achievement comes after years of hard and preparation in addition to a failed attempt to break the limit of 2 hours 2 years ago in Monza.


You can relive the historical moment here:

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