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Traveling Back in Time!

If you are interested in history, in general, you’d know the story.


We, Cairo Runners, are interested in the history of Marathon specifically, so we are unfolding the story of the marathon today.

Back in 490 B.C., the Athenians had defeated the invading Persians.

After the great defeat, they sent a messenger from the city of Marathon to Athens to announce the victory. 

Care to venture a guess about the distance? Correct!

Roughly 26 MILES RUN.

The Legendary Run In Commemoration!

The first modern games during the 1896 Olympics introduced the first Marathon in history in commemoration of the legendary run.

Since then the world has followed! And that was when the word “Marathon” originated.

If you are a marathoner you know how it feels to defeat all the odds and run those 26 miles!

It takes a warrior to get to the finish line and what a warrior was Pheidippides! In commemoration of this legend, the world is bringing the myth into reality and the spirit of victory to our streets with every marathon being run!

Thank you Pheidippides because of you we see victory down the finish line!


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